Link to my article, “Millennials ARE in the Church”

This past year I was the seminary intern at The Lutheran Center, the Nebraska Lutheran Campus Ministry-Lincoln campus. One day while I was at work, I came across an article that listed out six/ten/a billion reasons why Young Adults/Millennials are not in church. I started to read it but was quickly interrupted by one of the young adults that was hanging out in our church/campus ministry building. After talking with them for a few minutes (about classes, a program, or life’s quandaries), they went back to the lounge to talk with a few friends that were also in the lounge/narthex doing homework (or, let’s be honest, watching Netflix). I started to read the article when, again, I was interrupted by one of the college students who wanted to have a question about vocational discernment. A half hour later, I tried yet again to read the article about why Millennials are not in church, but had to have a conversation with some of the student leaders who do ministry at our site.

All this to say, I’m not too convinced that Millennials are not in church. In fact, during my internship, they were in church more than they were out of it. I wrote the following article about how “Millennials ARE in the Church”, which was published on the Nebraska Synod website. Enjoy!



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