If you had asked me six years ago where I would be today, I’m sure I never would have guessed here. What I have come to learn is that God calls us to surprising places, and I’m a walking billboard for this: studying history in undergrad for three years before deciding my last year that I was sensing a call to public ministry? Going to seminary in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (where I swore I’d never live)? Taking a year to participate in Young Adults in Global Mission in Jerusalem/Palestine? Meeting my future husband at seminary where he too was studying to be a pastor? Spending my seminary internship doing campus ministry in Nebraska?

Yeah… I didn’t plan all those things.

But I’ve always been amazed at the blessing I have experienced in all the places that I didn’t plan to go, but God did.

Right now I’m continuing on the adventure of going to the surprising places where I am called, this time with Ben, my amazing almost-husband. We are both studying to be pastors in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and we share a passion for Jesus and caring for God’s people. We also make sweet music together (he plays guitar, banjo, keyboard, among many other instruments, and I play the tambourine and kazoo).


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